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"C'est encore peu de vaincre, il faut savoir seduire" ~Voltaire


you forgot the best set….





Joan Jett’s jacket. Notice the pins.

"keep abortion legal"

"If she says no, it’s rape"

"Pro fucking choice"

This jacket is from about thirty years ago. These issues were big then. Thirty years later, these issues are still present. I was amazed to find these pins on the jacket, and realize this, because I would have thought, back then, if I was alive, that those issues would be solved by NOW.

But they aren’t. Joan Jett knew what was up.

Why can’t we take a minute and soak in her “bad reputation” and think about how in thirty years, abortion and rape culture STILL are huge issues.

Photos courtesy of EMP museum in Seattle, Washington.

Our Queen, our saviour <3

"Is there a problem with my burger?"

Lafayette is the baddest bitch on this show & I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise